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Amateur Science with a Microscope for young people. Videos, information sheets, and love and good will for a positive future.

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Pippa's books one for 2 to 7 year old to show them the world of the very small, and one for 6 to 12 year old children - the perfect guide for all young people using a microscope for the first time!

Pippa's Progress 2  (2 to 7 years olds).

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Pippa's Progress 1 (6 to 12 year olds).

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Please note: Pippa's Progress videos and projects: a full fun-based yet  very informative suite of tutorial videos, images, and  information to aid young people [suitable age group unattended is 8 yrs upwards ] and to encourage them to explore their world using an inexpensive microscope are contained within. Access is free.  There are no forums or lines of communication except to us, or to Pippa via us,  the organisers within the membership area.


    WATCH THIS TO UNDERSTAND     Introduction video     

Pippa uses this microscope for all her
stereo-microscopy study.
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and follow Pippa's progress.

 Pippa uses this microscope for all her
compound-microscopy study.

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and follow Pippa's progress.  registered address of not-for profit company Ltd is here.