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If you or your child or pre-teen person wishes to purchase low-budget but quality aids to look more closely at Dot's small world, these are some of the best things to buy. There are available from a trusted UK company: Brunel Microscopes Limited. If you live outside of the UK and Europe, it is worth looking for similar quality items in your own country to reduce shipping costs.

(Suitable for very young people)

 Brunel DM1 Mono Microscope

£51.67 ex vat.  
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Brunel MX1 Stereomicroscope

£89.17 ex vat.  
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*Recommended - best buy!
Brunel DM6 Stereomicroscope

£45.83 ex vat.  
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This instrument is a good introduction to low cost, low power microscopy. It is a well constructed, full size, professional standard, monocular microscope. Working on the same principle as a stereomicroscope, the DM1 has been recommended by the Royal Microscopical Society as an ideal instrument for primary and secondary schools. Produces an erect non reversing image x20. With the use of alternative eyepieces, the magnification range may be extended from x10 to x4

The MX1 is the entry level microscope that provides a 3D image which can only be achieved with a binocular stereomicroscope. The stereo eyetubes are inclined at 45° to allow ease of use. The MX1 has x10 widefield eyepieces and two pairs of objectives that are turret mounted and allow magnification options of x10 (ideal for dissection) and x30. Focus is by rack and pinion with a pole stand allowing coarse adjustment. x15 and x20 eyepieces are available as accessories which can give a wider range of magnifications up to x60.

A superb light weight stereomicroscope, ideal for field use and a variety of applications. The build quality is excellent and the price exceptional.  The optical components are achromatic glass lenses, with the widefield x10 eyepieces being standard compound microscope units.

The objective pair is x2 giving an overall magnification of x20 that can be extended with additional x25 eyepieces to x50. The DM6 has an integral battery powered LED incident light source with on/off switch.

(Suitable for just late pre-teen / teenagers / students)

 Brunel SP13 Mono Microscope

£71.67 ex vat.  
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 Brunel SP22 Mono Microscope

£105.83 ex vat.  
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*Recommended - best buy!
 Brunel SP35

£195.83 ex vat.  
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The SP13 Dual Light microscope is exclusive to Brunel Microscopes and is an ideal microscope for the young enquiring mind without having many of the constraints of a standard biological microscope. The laws of light physics dictates that it is not possible to manipulate or dissect whole objects with a biological microscope because of the closeness of the objectives to the specimen, the fact that images are inverted and that usually whole objects are not transparent so that the transmitted light does not get through. However by having a light shining down onto the microscope stage from just behind the objectives the SP13 can look at the surface of whole objects when using the two lowest magnifications (x40 and x100).


The SP22 microscopes have many features that are normally found on microscopes of a much greater price. The optical parts are made from achromatic corrected glass and are standard Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) size. The monocular head rotates trough 360° and has a widefield x10 good quality  eyepiece. 

The quadruple position rotating turret is equipped with x4 x10 x40 and x100 achromatic RMS objectives, which when used with the x10 eyepiece gives a magnification range of x40 to x1000 which is ideal for all standard biological microscopy applications. The x40 and x100 objectives have a spring loaded front lens element that retracts the lens into the objective on contact with the slide. In addition the stage has a safety stop with a similar purpose. MORE...


The Brunel SP35 is a laboratory standard microscope available for the serious scientist and those that like to use good equipment. The built quality is exceptional for the price. This is a microscope that meets all the standards. Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) screw thread objectives that are achromatic and DIN standard. A well built ‘solid’ microscope that has taken us time to design.

The main features are:
*LED inbuilt lighting with rheostat controlled brightness

x4, x10, x40 and x100 RMS thread standard achromatic objectives

x10 eyepieces giving an overall magnification range of x40 to x1000... MORE...








FC Optics Handheld Magnifying Glass Set

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in UK / USA


Brunel Dual Lens Loupe
(Superior System)

£15.00 ex vat
From Brunel 
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in UK  / USA

INTERCHANGEABLE LENS DESIGN: Alternate between 3 separate round lenses using an simple 2-button release system: 2X 3.5X and 10XSUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTS: Two eco-friendly and energy-efficient lights; turn on or off with a simple switch on the high quality non-slip handle. (Batteries NOT included).


A loupe needs to be held close to the eye, but it is a supeior magnifier compared to single lens magnifying glasses. This two lens system loupe in chrome mount. x10 (18mm) and x20 (12mm) magnification. Ideal for keeping in the pocker and exploring things outside. A high quality product with leatherette case. MORE...


Written by the author of I-Spy With My Little Dot, this book is the pefect fill colour, low-cost companion showing not only to use a loupe of a magnifying glass well, but the great thinghs to look at with it. Suitable for all ages 6 to 106. MORE...

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For general purpose applications, where high image resolution and advanced hardware and software features are not strictly necessary, the Dino-Lite basic series is a good choice. The Dino-Lite model is affordable and easy-to-use, but still has the same durability and quality as the more advanced Dino-Lite product series. A basic version of the proprietary DinoCapture software is included with each Dino-Lite. The magnification of the microscopes goes from 10 to 70x and around 200x. These models provide an economic and easy-to-use solution, mainly for home use.

Images captured with the dino-lite



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