Slides for use with crossed polars

by Mike Samworth

My previous articles, together with those by Dave Walker, have hopefully given you something different to try under your microscope. However, as one who often reads other people's work and then never follows this up, I know how easy it is to forget. As such, I have put together sets of prepared slides for use with crossed polars. There are three slides in each set;

Scutiform scales of sea-buckthorn

Vitamin C crystals

Sulphur melt

All are permanent slides, ringed and fully labelled. I can send you them for 2 of postage stamps all inclusive. Examples of two of the subjects are shown below;

I can also now send out high quality discs of polarising material with the set of three slides if desired. The discs are two inches in diameter, made of 1mm thick optical resin. Please add an extra 1-50 to the cost of the slides if you would like a pair.

Two subjects between crossed polars by Mike Samworth

Anyone who wishes to obtain these slides should e-mail me first at the address given below.

Please take the time to ask any questions or make any comments to me Mike Samworth.


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