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  get rid of lice for certain - no lotions - with the lice program
  Some 'pluses' from our experience is that we got to study head lice first hand!  
We got to care more about each other because we both suffered an unusual worry together... and we discovered living together instead of just staying together weekends was much better. 
Van kind of enjoyed being a bit of a star in my article and on the web and wants to show off a bit more... I reckon she's broken out of that shyness thing now! She's promised to help me 100% with presenting our microscopy knowledge to you - so now we are a real team!


I bought Van a great new dress
and we went out and celebrated by
going dancing. Well, she danced...
I drank and took photos!
And just to prove she was growing out of 
her public shyness, Van actually put this page
together with the photos I took 
at our celebration and let me put these
words in.
So watch out for Van and me doing some real 'life-level' stuff because we both realized the only way to talk science and understand how microscopical creatures  and processes effect us all... is by being there. Now Van is ready to commit herself like me.. we are gonna show you one hell of a new world, so stay with us now!

If you want to chat with us, Van said she would man (or is that Wo-man) the computer alternate nights so you can drop either Vanessa or me, Larry, a line.  Don't leave me out now, will you?!
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