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Encounter in Scotland (Page 2)
Van was sick. I reckon it was the stress at work. It aint easy being a teacher these days especially at a 'black-listed' school. Sure, she helped turn it 'round and it's now doing fine but that kind of effort, along with all the constant check-ups by all the over-paid suits, takes a toll on the human mind... especially one so pure and beautiful as my Vanessa's. 

I rang Mol at Micscape and told him our troubles. One hell of a guy that Mol. Without hesitation, he said: "Why not bring her up to Edinburgh for the week. Anne and I are there at Gorgie Farm running a Mic-UK workshop and we can meet up for some social time. Might do some good just to get away from London?" So that's exactly what we did. 

We arrived late Saturday afternoon before the light faded. I took us up high to  my favourite spot to watch the night fall like an 18th century English cloak of suffocating darkness upon the city spires! 
From here, you could see how the city was built on a Volcanic base, the old and ancient part at a different level from the new: history dividing the city as well as height and foundations! 

The night had a sharp chill to it.

Edinburgh is our favourite city.
Fortunately we found a great place to stay: the Kirklea, with a real friendly and homely feel to it. I guess the lady running it had a lot to do with the warmth inside. Moira looked after us great. I think she suspected Van's vulnerability and gave her kindness too.
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Van fell in love with the gentle peacefulness and quiet of the breakfast room... but we both fell in love with the stunning church across he road. St. Michael's had a gothic feel to it and over-shadowed an ancient cemetery. At first I thought this might have a bad effect on Van's current state; you know... if she's down already, is such a building going to do much to cheer her up. She said the church had an unusual feel about it... a kind of  'calling'  as she put it. My honey says some strange things when she's not well! 
After we washed, Van had a nap,  so I took the opportunity to phone MOL. We arranged for the four of - Anne, Van, me, and him, to meet at the Caledonian brewery just down the road. Tonight was dance night and I think you know my honey loves to dance. 
We left at 9.00. and although we didn't need to use the car, we gave it a quick check to make sure it was safe. That's when Van noticed the small dark pellets on the bonnet. She didn't know what they were but I had a fair idea. I was in a mood for a drink and some fun so I decided to tell a white lie to Van and said I didn't know either. Between you and me, knowing Van as I do, I thought this mystery might get her mind buzzing again. 

As we walked up to join Mol and Anne, I made a mental note to phone Andrew of Microscopix first thing in the morning and ask him to send me something AMAZING he has by express mail . 

We got back late. Van was very relaxed after a few drinks. It was good to see her looking less anxious. Mol took this one as we left the brewery. Van aint going to forgive him :))
Hey, I hope you don't think I'm giving you our holiday story here. Hang in there. I'm trying to set the scene as it happened to us so you can share the surprise and wonder just like we did. Things are likely to get a lot more hairy from here on in but yer going to love the surprises! 


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