Examples of Rheinberg illumination
by Wim van Egmond
Rheinberg illumination
Rheinberg illumination
zoom filter
Rheinberg illumination was developed by Rheinberg around 1895. He used coloured filters to make distinctions between parts of the optical system.

The Rheinberg filters work very well on fibers and plant material etc. It may produce a clearer view of the texture of a subject.

The concentric filters of the zoom system give a better idea of the three-dimensional properties of a subject, a bit like a satellite picture showing different heights in different colours.

The image on this page is of a cast of the surface structure of a leaf complete with nerves and stomata. With the aid of nail varnish it is easy to make perfect casts. Read more about this technique next month!

Dark-field, oblique and bright-field illumination

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