Employing Advancing Technology to Enhance Imagery of the Microscopic World
by Mol Smith (Co-founder Mic-UK)

Now we have a greyscale depth map image made exactly to the size and resolution of the original image, we can create various 3D representations: 3D anaglyph which can be viewed using 3D red/cyan glasses; 3D cross-eyed to study by looking silly and crossing ones eyes; a lenticular lens image to be used as a interlaced image behind a finely crafted sheet of plastic; an animated sequence where movie frames are entirely made up from software analysis and production; device-viewable images for 3D monitors and 3D Televisions.

Use red/cyan 3D glasses!

Left and right images for stereo viewer!


3D or not 2B?
Software is used to interpret the depth map information and create the 3D.
Software used was
Bas Relief which is
available here!

Cross your eyes and be about 18 inches away!

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