Employing Advancing Technology to Enhance Imagery of the Microscopic World
by Mol Smith (Co-founder Mic-UK)

I thought you may like this example from an image by J.Cavanihac - who has great images in the Mic-UK Gallery here.

I have used the idea of creating a depth-map image to determine 3D content in the original image and then produced a series of views to give the illusion of depth. I also transformed the series into a 3d anaglyph series of images, requiring 3d red/cyan glasses to appreciate completely.

Original Image
Depth-Map Image
Composite 3D (red/cyan glasses reqd)

We can use the same tools
as artists, advertising media,
professional & medical imagery
corporates, to make stronger
and clearer accounts of
the Microscopy World!

Put your 3D glasses on and see the difference in these images on the left!


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