Employing Advancing Technology to Enhance Imagery of the Microscopic World
by Mol Smith (Co-founder Mic-UK)

I hope you enjoyed a brief look into a few modern image manipulation concepts which could help to enhance imagery of the world at the microscopical scale. I have listed all the resources and further links here if you are interested in trying out some of this for yourself. I have also zipped up all my build files for you to play with so you can download and explore them. The build Image files are Zipped here!                                                   Mol    

Poser 7 - 3D modelling.
Daz Studio - 3D modelling. (Free)
Popims Animator - Lenticular Creation Software. (Free)
Bas Relief - 3D creation from Depth Map Image - Recommended.
3D Projector - Interlacing Software to create Lenticular Prints.
3D Combine - Budget tool - recommended - most 3D applications!
3D Creator - Photoshop Action set (I made this) 2D images to 3D - 1 click!
Popims - Free 3D Lenticular Creation - recommended.
Vue Espirit - 3D Lanscape Modelling Software.
Bryce - 3D Landscape Modelling Software.
Web Links - Further Reading
Lenticular 3D
Lenticular and everything 3D - UK site - good!

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