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Alejandro Ariel García Arriaga, Coacalco de Berriozábal, Estado de México, México.

 INTRODUCTION:                              That an object emits or seems to
                                                emit light against a dark background
 For people who love microscopy                takes our mind to fluorescence,
    having a microscope of every kind           which is a kind of illumination form
    would be a dream, and if one of             that is used within the macroscopic
    those microscopes is an electron one        world but also the microscopic one.
    the dream would come true, since it         In the latter case there are two
    would be possible to magnify things         microscopes that do that function as
    up to about a million times. Imagine        both fluorescence and ultraviolet
    that power at hand, but most of the         microscopes. For that purpose they
    times it is impossible because the          use ultraviolet light or also called
    majority of us cannot afford such           black light and fluorescent stains are
    things, not even for cheaper                used most of the times as
    applications such as confocal,              biomarkers.
    ultraviolet or fluorescence
    microscopy, they are expensive.          Today I am going to present an
                                                observation that I did with my
 But one of the features that                  smartphone’s camera and with my
    characterizes the enthusiast                microscope camera and its
    microscopist is that we create things       application to microscopy which I
    that resemble at least partially those      have called DIY-FLUORESCENCE. I am
    applications that we lack. We love          going to divide this topic into several
    observation, since we love science,         parts that I am going to expose in
    and we try to give application of           several articles because there are
    what we observe to this beautiful           several ways of doing DIY-
    activity of microscopy.                     FLUORESCENCE with the camera
                                                effects, not only with the negative
 DEVELOPMENT:                                  one and also by using some stains
                                                that are easy to find everywhere.
 Several digital cameras or the ones
    from smartphones have a marvelous        NEGATIVE EFFECT OF CAMERAS.
    function that is called “negative
    effect” which is a marvelous             I start by presenting what are the
    application that allows you to change       changes with the negative effect if a
    the image into a kind of darkfield in       camera takes one photo of my office,
    which colors also change and some           and is turned into the negative effect
    of them change in a beautiful way           using the smartphone’s features, so
    that resembles that they are emitting       that an appreciation of what the
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