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negative effect of a camera does can
   be seen.

                                                colors turn to a negative look like


 As it is appreciated in the photos
    above some objects seem to emit
    light against a darker background so


 ↔ , ↔, ↔                                    ,  ↔ , ↔ ,↔

                                                     changing the illumination with the
                                                      negative effect of the camera,
 As it is evident, purple, blue, red,                obviously for the ones that change
    violet are the most important colors              with such an effect. In case the
    that gives this effect for that reason I          camera does feature a negative
    consider they are the most important              effect, just take the photo with the
    to create DIY-FLUORESCENCE.                       brightfield condenser without filters
                                                      and by using the computer program
 CREATING THE DIY –FLUORESCENCE                      Paint you can select the image and
                                                      then turn into a negative for doing
 The simplest way of creating this                   DIY- FLUORESCENCE.
    effect is by placing a sample on the
    stage of the microscope and

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