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                                            CONCLUSION:

 Red tomato 40x 25% zoom                    Microscope digital cameras are an
                                                amazing tool which we can take the
                                               maximum advantage of. In addition,
                                                we have at hand programs such as
                                               Paint, Photoshop, Microsoft Picture
                                                Manager and others that can help us
 Analysis:                                     improve our observations in the
                                                miniature world.
 Most of the negative effect pictures
    are objects bright against a blue        What you can place under the
    background. This is because the             objective and turn it into negative?
    microscope that I use has a halogen         Whatever you want, remember that
    bulb and a halogen light is warm,           some samples should give you
    some times very warm at low                 amazing results, whilst others
    intensity. Nevertheless with some           probably not, because not all
    examples it was possible because of         samples are suitable for certain
    the sample to get a black back              techniques. This is a principle that as
    ground. You can achieve this by             microscopists we never have to
    varying the height of the condenser.        forget. But by trying them all and
    As it is seen in the picture, for           learning what are the best for this or
    mosquitoes or parts of them is the          that illumination technique, is a great
    nicest for this DIY-fluorescence.           experience that we never would like
    Other subjects like the ones that           to miss.
    naturally are red like the poinsettia,
    the cranberry and examples that
    easily can be transformed with the
    negative effect. Another factor that
    helps is when it is used with low
    magnification powers, although with
    certain help using the program
    mentioned above, it is possible to
    transform a photo with high power
    magnification into DIY- fluorescence.
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