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It is also important to say that you can
sometimes achieve more resolution when
you vary the contrast; this is clearly seen
between illumination methods that for the
moment are out of the scope of this article.

The present article has the purpose of
analyzing all the potential that you can
achieve if you have a camera, no matter how
complex or simple it may be. You can take
advantage of it, it has tons of functions that
you can use to observe your samples.

I will analyze with you the advantages of my
camera which is a 10 MP camera and that I
am totally glad to have. Let me tell you that I
started to use it three months ago and have
learned a lot about the marvelous things that
can be done with it.

I am going to show you images of the screen
of my software┬┤s camera so that you can see
how easy it is to obtain contrast in the
samples if you count with one microscope
and one camera.
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