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* The MHS is an international group of persons with a common interest in the microscope as a scientific instrument, an object of beauty, and a collectable. We welcome to our group all individuals interested in the history of the microscope or its applications, past and present. We foster the exchange of historical and technical information, as well as of projects and ideas.
* Members receive three issues of the Journal per year and a detailed membership roster; they may submit articles for publication and request technical or historical information on instruments or microscopy related items.
* To join or renew membership in the MHS fill out this form or a copy of it, and return it with the membership fee to:

Manuel del Cerro, M.D., Founder
The Microscope Historical Society
14 Tall Acres Drive, Pittsford, NY 14534



PHONE NUMBER (Optional):   FAX NUMBER (Optional):

eMAIL (Optional):

Do you wish your home or business address published: (Yes / No)
Do you wish your phone, FAX or e-mail number published: (Yes / No)

INTERESTS: (History, techniques, sources, information on particular
instruments, etc).

OFFERINGS: (Instruments, books, or technical or historical information,

ANNUAL DUES. USA dues are $ 15.00 for the year 2001. In countries other than
the USA, $ 18.00. Two-year subscriptions are accepted at $ 28 and 32,
respectively. Please, make checks payable to Manuel del Cerro, M.D. / MHS.

Any enquiries please e-mail


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