The QX3 in Spain

Rudolf Baumueller,

South Texas, US


The author takes an IntelPlay QX3 computer microscope on
a Spanish trip to illustrate some of the local flora.


On an extended vacation in Spain, I took the QX3 along, to see if it would be possible to use it to take some pictures of the small roadside flowers. Since I took my laptop computer with me anyway, to download all the digital photos of the spectacular landscape, and of the many wonderful buildings and towns, it is not a lot of extra baggage to pack the QX3.

It is so good to have your computer along on a trip, that it is even possible to take the QX3 with you in a backpack, and take pictures right in the field. All you have to find is a shady place and not forget to take the CD-Rom disc with you.

I wish that the yellows would come out more true, but mostly I get pink instead, and since I do not have any other lighting, except the daylight, or the built in illumination, I just have to take what I can get with the built-in light. At home I use fluorescent light, to improve the yellow colors, but I only have a little flashlight, and that does not help very much as far as color is concerned. Maybe in the future Intel and Mattel will get together to improve the color-rendition somewhat.

Here are some pictures of wild flowers, that are now in bloom up in the mountains; at home in Texas they had finished blooming two months ago. The horse bean tree (see previous article) is just starting to bloom here in Spain, and in Texas the last flowers disappeared in the middle of May. I had a hard time to picture the ladybug (right) , since I don't have any way to keep him still, so this is a little out of focus.

Comments to the author Rudolf Baumueller welcomed.



Image gallery by the author

(The images are all of Spanish flora apart from the last, which is a close-up of a rock).


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