Image gallery - a desmid from South Africa

by Bill Ells, UK



Two images taken in 1989 of a desmid Pleurotaenium ovatum from South Africa. Collected by Mr.David Williamson author of several papers on desmids, currently engaged with Prof. Alan Brook on re-writing the five volumes of the 'British Desmidiaceae' by W.& G.S. West 1904,1908,1912 and W.& G.S West and N.Carter 1923.    

The left hand image shows the surface of the cell. Length 345 m, breadth 77m. Photo' taken using x20 plan objective and x6 eyepiece (1/15 second, 100 ASA film). The right hand image shows another specimen L.395 m, B.80 m. Photo' taken with the cell between crossed polarising filters using x40 plan objective, 20 seconds exposure. This gives a very strange effect.   

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Editor's note: Bill Ells has a particular interest in desmids, and has kindly shared his enthusiasm for them in a number of Micscape articles. These articles are compiled, along with his other Micscape contributions, in this index.


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