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A brief biography.

William (Bill) Ells had six years in the army from 1940-1946 and fifty years in the building trade, the last forty self-employed on decorating and house maintenance. He says his greatest achievement is designing and building his own bungalow in his spare time, taking three years (with help from wife and friends). He spent several years on the committee of the Maidstone Art Society; as treasurer and chairman although he describes himself as a mediocre artist.

A microscope was purchased in 1976 and he started studying freshwater algae; this soon took over from art, and within a short time he was concentrating on the study of the desmids. However he still takes an interest in anything unusual he finds in fresh water.

Bill Ells desmid hunting in the
English Lake District.


Micscape articles on desmids; the author's special interest.

Left: Roya obtusa (Bréb) W.&.G.S.West 1896

Above: Micrasterias oscitans Ralfs 1848

Two desmids species from Thursley Common, Surrey, UK collected by the author.


Freshwater microscopy - a 'world within a world'.

An unidentified floating object? See article below to reveal the mystery object.

Photograph by the author.



Practical tips and other aspects of amateur microscopy.


Other wonders of the microscopic world:
Insects, diatoms and prepared slides.

Palate of the mollusc Haliotis tuberculata photographed by Bill Ells from a prepared slide.



Bill Ells is an amateur microscopist based in the UK and would welcome comments on his articles, especially if you share his interests.

Image right: the author in his friend Don Bruce's study.

Page background image derived from an image of the desmid Euastrum taken by the author.

Editor's notes: Bill Ells was one of the very first contributors to Micscape when founded in November 1995. As the above wealth of material illustrates, Bill has generously shared his expertise and enthusiasm with others on the Web since then and we sincerely thank him for his support of the venture.

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