The Father of Modern Science and an 'unsung' hero...
Robert Hooke
"In tribute to his genius and dedication to experimental science and creative thought...
and his pioneering contributions to Microscopy!"
by Maurice Smith - March 13th 2000
(All rights reserved)

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Earlier references suggest his inheritance was 100.00 pounds but recent research by Professor Hideto Nakajima into the will of Hooke's father, determines the sum as 40.00 pounds. Back to Article

Hooke Diary entries: 5/12/1674 - "Sir J. Cutler a villain", 5/01/1676 - "Tompion (clock-maker) a rascall", 15/2/1689 - "At Hallys met Newton; vainly pretended claim yet acknowledged my information. Interest has no conscience."... etc., Back to Article

Micrographia, the first published work of Robert Hooke, is available on CD for approximately 30 dollars. Visit this address for more details of how to purchase this online! Back to Article
A few books on Hooke state he was the president of the Royal Society - but he never was! His only other role with the society was to serve as its Secretary from 1677 to 1682. His role of curator for experiments was an extensive one requiring prolific personal input throughout his life and was without doubt - a critical factor to the success of the society in its formative years. Back to Article

Picture Credits for images used to create this article

Page 1 : Hooke standing on Microscope peering down at the Earth - (collage by Maurice Smith)
Page 2 : Micrographia illustration - (photographed at Science Museum London. Commercial use                 forbidden).

Page 3 : Hooke's Microscope and Lamp replicas - (photographed at Science Museum London.                Commercial use forbidden). Associated 3D images by Maurice Smith

Page 4 : Hooke's wheel barometer replica - (photographed at Science Museum London. Commercial use                 forbidden).

Page 5 : St.Paul's Cathedral London and detail - (photographed by Maurice Smith 1999 - please email me                 for permissions to use).

All pages : Background image: "Theories and Instruments of Optics" - first published in 1851 edition of The Iconographic Encyclopedia of Science, Literature, and Art. (Copyright-free).

Books, Web-links, Cds, etc, used for reference

Note: The main source of reference for this article is the book - "Robert Hooke And The Royal Society", by Richard Nichols, published 1999 by The Book Guild Ltd, 25 High Street, Lewes, Sussex. England. ISBN 1 85776 465 X. Mr. Nichols' book has been used extensively for the writing of this article - with some cross-referencing done through the list of sources below. All conjectures are my own. The extensive research illuminating the bulk of information here is entirely through the work of Richard Nichols.

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to purchase the two books by Richard Nichols and learn from his detailed research - the extraordinary life of Robert Hooke and the contribution he made to science. This article is but the briefest summary of Richard Nichols' book and serves as a recommendation to a fine and detailed publication.

Main Reference
: "Robert Hooke And The Royal Society", by Richard Nichols, published 1999 by The Book Guild Ltd, 25 High Street, Lewes, Sussex. England. ISBN 1 85776 465 X. Not referred to but also by the same author: "The diaries of Robert Hooke - The Leonardo of London", published in 1994 by The Book Guild Ltd.

Additional References:-
Encarta 99 - Deluxe (various entries and subjects) by Microsoft Corp.
"Biographical Dictionary of Scientists", Collins, 1994
"Great Feuds in Science", by Hal Hellman.
"Micrographia", reproduced on CD. Web-Link
Ragley Hall Web Site (building designed by Hooke & open to the public. Web-Link

Web Links only and online references used.
"Hooke", biography at University of California, Berkeley. Web-Link
"Longitude", Web-Link
"Gravity", Web-Link
"Never at Rest", by R.S. Windfall. Indiana University. Web-Link
"Seeing Further - The Legacy of Robert Hooke" by Kathy. A. Miles. Web-Link
"The Royal Society" Web Site. Web-Link
"Ragley Hall Web Site" (building designed by Hooke & open to the public. Web-Link
"Drawing of Hooke Microscope" at Ars Web-Link
"Collection of Hooke papers and letters", held at Trinity College. Web-Link
"Extinction" article at Strange Science Web Site. Web-Link

For a list of books containing references to the life and work of Robert Hooke - go here!

Museums and Institutes retaining information, artifacts or replicas of Robert Hook's creations.
Science Museum, S.Kensington. London, England. (Replicas of Microscopes, lamps,barometers).
The Royal Society, 6 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG (Diaries, Books, Library). Web-Link
Freshwater Museum, Isle of Wight, England.
There are more:
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"Replica of Microscope"

"Replica of Lamp"

"Replica of Barometer"

"St. Paul's Dome"

"Anthony van Leeuwenhoek"
Father of Dutch Microscopy

Hooke's Associates

Isaac Newton
Edmund Halley
Christopher Wren
Robert Boyle
John Aubrey
John Graunt
John Locke
Samual Pepys
Anthony van Leeuwenhoek
Theodore Haak
Johannes Hevelius
Robert Moray
John Wilkins
Thomas Tompian

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