by Walter Dioni



2 - Magnificent frontal view of the "head" of a Philodina (courtesy of Charles Krebs).

5 - Lateral view of a Philodina sp., showing the dorsal antenna. Below the antenna can be seen the red eyes. The pseudo-segmentation and the ridged trunk cuticle is also shown.

9 - The deep mastax of a Habrotrochidae.

12 - Some atypical mastax of a Philodinavida from Cancún. (5 images stacked with CombineZ 5.0.)

13b - The stomach of an Habrotrochidae.

18 - Frontal view of the “head” of a species of Adineta.

19 - Typical aspect of an Adineta.

20 – A Habrotrochidae. This and fig 9 are probably Otostephanos sp. I thank Dr. Cl. Ricci for her kind suggestion.

21 – Habrotrocha swimming, courtesy of M. Verolet.

22 - Habrotrocha inhabiting a textured test probably the theca of a rhizopod. Image courtesy of Andre Advocat.

23. Habrothocha inside a mucous “house” made of many secreted layers. Image courtesy of Michel Verolet.

24 - The lumen in the stomach, another picture by Michel Verolet.

25 – Zelinkiella. (Drawing taken from Fontaneto et al. 2008.)

26 – Mniobia (and see also picture 17, First Part)

27 – Anomopus (Drawing taken from Fontaneto et all. 2008.)

28 – Rotaria with retracted “corona” See other pictures in the First part, Introduction, 7, 16b.

29 – Dissotrocha (SEM)

Source: www.zmuc.dk/InverWeb/Dyr/Limnognathia/phylogeny/Rotifera_UK.htm


30 - Pleuretra cf. bricey courtesy of M Verolet.
The pictures shown are assigned by present author, W. Dioni to Pleuretra with some uncertainty. 

31 – The same species contracted as a “tun”.

32 – A Philodinavidae from Cancun, prob. Abrochtha.

33 – Abrochtha carnivore SEM by Dr. G. Melone.

34 – Henoceros - Courtesy of M. Verolet.

35 – Philodinavus aussiensis, Ricci & Melone.

                1 - Bradyscela after Koste (20...)
                2 - Otostephanus after Donner 1965,
                3 - Scephanotrocha, after Pennak 1953,
                4 - Ceratotrocha, after Donner, 1965,
                5 - Macrotrachela, after Pennak, 1953,
                6 - Habrotrocha, within a shell secreted by the female, stuck to a moss leaf, Donner, 1965


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 All pictures by Michel Verolet had been posted previously at the French Forum Microscopies.

Editor's Note: This three part article by the author was first published in French on the Microscopies Magazine website.

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