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(Where flower image not available, pollen germination image included instead)
Alder Amelanchier laevis Aubretia Berberis Box elder Celandine
Alder Amelanchier laevis Aubretia Berberis Box Elder Celandine
     Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image
Cherry double flowers Cherry white Daffodil dwarf golden Daffodil large golden Daffodil white gold Daffodil yellow orange
 Cherry, double flowered form  Cherry,white Daffodil, dwarf golden   Daffodil, large golden  White gold daffodil  Daffodil, yellow orange
 Pollen image      Pollen image  Pollen image  
purple deadnettle White deadnettle eucalyptus Furze Ground ivy pollen Laurel pollen
 Purple deadnettle  White deadnettle  Eucalyptus  Furze  Ground Ivy  Laurel
 Pollen image      Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image
Magnolia Mahonia Malus purpurea May Pansies Sloe
 Magnolia  Mahonia  Malus purpurea  May flower image  Pansies  Sloe
 Pollen image  Pollen image    Pollen image    Pollen image
Tulip Tulip pink Tulip yellow Tulip white Viburnum Radish wild
 Tulip red  Tulip pink  Tulip yellow  Tulip white  Viburnum  Wild radish
 Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image  Pollen image
Willow Crack Willow        
 Pussy Willow  Crack Willow        
 Pollen image  Pollen image        



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