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Issue 26: December 1997
A Happy Christmas and New Year to all our readers

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'Christmas decorations' derived from images of crystals between crossed polars © Ron Neumeyer

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Articles This Month
A larger special issue for the holiday season

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Volvox - the jewel of the pond
Camille Sebastien Nachet
- some examples of this famous microscope makers work
Pond fairies - the freshwater bryozoa Plumatella repens
Birth of a rotifer - 'captured' on video stills
Making dark-field illumination is easy
- an introduction to this versatile and beautiful illumination technique
Samworth's Snippets - further experiments with cross polars
Home-made hand microtomes - two practical approaches
Art Deco diatoms - stunning images of these attractive algae
Experiments with a miniature CCD camera - for video microscopy
'Through a Pocket Lens' by Henry Scherren 1897
- a book review ... a 100 years too late!


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