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The images obtained from here belong in all respects to the team led by Dr. Philippa Uwins and The Queensland University of Australia. They are copyright protected and must not be reproduced, used, or published in any form without permission from their copyright owners.  

If you wish to use any of the images on Nanobes contained within this article, you must visit the The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis  and after reading the terms and conditions here , register your interest. A charge is made for commercial use to help fund research but no charge is made  for their use on non-profit making sites. A large resource of top quality images of nanobes can be viewed from the Queensland University Web Site, so please check permissions and register by visiting here to see all the nanobe images.  

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Nanobes 23000x Magnification Nanobes possible reproductive nodes Nanobes - whole cell
"Higher resolution images are available from the research team's web site. Take a look... and be amazed!"
Nanobes at 35000x magnification   Nanobes in 'rendered' colour

Links to further information on NANOBES and NANOBACTERIA
The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis 
Nanoworld : home of the nanobes! 
Nanobe Image library & permissions request 
News release 1 
News release 2 

Kidney stones and nanobacteria 
Source 1 
Source 2 
Source 3 

Nanobacteria general 
Source 1 
Source 2 

Nanobacteria in depth 
Nanobacteria: surely not figments, but what under heaven are they? ROBERT L. FOLK  
Nannobacteria: size limits and evidence - Frank Volke 
Nannobacteria: why is it so hard to show what they are? - Robert Clark 
(a sceptics viewpoint): Nannobacteria: What is the evidence? RALPH P. HARVEY  

Nanobacteria in meteorites 
Source 1 
Source 2 
Source 3 

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