Microscopes and Microscopy - Modified November 2011

Microscopes and Microscopy involves the study of the small word (microscopic) with the use of a range of instruments (microscopes) which probe our unviverse at a very small scale. Microscopes may be optical, using glass lenses which magnify up to 1600x, or scanning electron microscopes, which uses electrons to magnify at 10,000 plus times.

For people wishing to use microscopes to study pond life, insects, cells, body tissues, plant tissues, at a broad but interesting level, can do so using optical microscopes.
If you become involved with microscopy for the first time, you may need some help in buying a microscope and using it. That's where we come in. Microscopy-uk and Micscape Magazine have offered free Microscopy resources on the Internet since 1995 to help all levels of microscopists - but with a sharp focus on the enthusiast microscopist.

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