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Updated JULY 2018
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A 3D microscope where you can load specimen slides online. Updated regularly.

Our stunning Micropolitan Museum created by, and curated by Wim van Egmond from The Netherlands

A complete resource for young people who own a microscope and don't really know what to do with it.



Irina lives in Russia and produces beautiful insightful videos and photographs of ants, wasps and oither tiny forms.

Stunning 3D close-ups of insects and other small critters. No 3D glasses required!

Nature and flower lovers adore these macro studys of flowers


Micscape Magazine published bi-monthly online (13th) and contributed to by generous authors/microscopists around the world. Our flagship!
Micscape Magazine Article Library: thousands of articles from previous issues of Micscape Magazine. Informative and aimed squarely at the enthusiast microscopist.

Our Published Books
We publish our very own books styled towards amateur microscopists. Our books cater for children, beginners, and experienced enthusiasts.


We created one of the firt online shops in the Uk back a good few years ago. Now  managed by Brunel Microscopes, it offers everything you to practice Entusiast Microscopy in the UK and Europe. A trusted and time-honoured family business.


The stunning home site of Wim van Egmond. World ackowledged as a major and significant talent and conributor to the study of Microscopical forms

 Photography & Microscopy

Lots of articles here to get you started photographing or digital 'snapping' what you see down a microscope.

Training and Courses

Few training facilities exist to help the enthusiast microscopists so here is an opportunity to get friendly training with a trusted veteran of microscopy.
Courses are designed for enthusiasts!

The Colourful World of Chemical Crystals

Crystals are beautiful forms to grow and photograph under the microscope. Be stunned by the profound beauty of Brian Johnston's crystal gallery.

An Introduction to Microscopy

Let our set of primers introduce you to using a microscopy and the fascinating world it reveals. It doesn't matter if you are very young, just young, or an adult. If you are starting out, this is for you.

The Smallest Page On The Web

Introduction to the microscopic organisms like bacteria, and others you can find in a freshwater pond. Comprehensive guide! Great for anyone starting out at looking at pond life.

Pond Life Identification Kit

Looking at things for the firsttime in your pond? Let Wim help you identify them here.

The Fact Files (provided by Brunel Microscopes)

Informed and professional advice for people new to microscopy: different types of illumination, microdscopes, techniques. Great to get started.

Brunel Secure Online Shop

Know what you need to buy for Microscopy? No time to flick through online catalogues? Buy direct and quickly from here.

 Pond Dip

Take a virtual pond dip in our virtual pond and see what lives within.

SEM images  by Dennis Kunkel

Fantastic images taken with a scanning Electron Microscope from our friend and contributor to our 3D microscope in Hawaii - Dennis Kunkel.

Mikrobiologische Vereinigung München e.V.
German Club Site
German Language only.

 Manchester Society

Web Site of club in Manchester - UK.

Kernow Society - UK
Details and annual program of club based in
Cornwall - UK

New York Society - USA
A well organised site for this New York based club

Established UK club web site

 Quekett - UK
Established UK club
web site

Society - UK
UK club web site

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