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Capturing photographic & video  images of the small-scale world!

Photomicrography. A few simple set-ups for beginners 
Very basic photomicrography
Three-dimensional photography through the Microscope
Samworth's Snippets. Identify a microphotograph
Taking a photomicrograph.... in 1904 - a few reflections Sep 
Photographing micro-organisms - from the simple patch stop to Nomarski contrast
Using your Camcorder as a Microscope
Video microscopy - getting started in black and white
Why use video. The benefits when studying protozoa.
Electronic Flash System for Photomicrography
Scientific PhotoMACROgraphy by B Bracegirdle 
Photomicrography on stamps - attractive examples
Black and white photography
Photomicrography on a shoestring budget 
Adapting a flash gun for photomicrography


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