"Before this moment,  I existed in an abstract world - beyond physical presence.
It was not an exact place in time and space... it was more (in a clumsy way)
'non-located'... a sense of 'being' and of existing as part of all things.
It was an existence in darkness, of stillness, of belonging to actions
and processes, yet never initiating them...
...nor ever desiring to!"
 "I had no sense or pre-warning that - suddenly, out of this eternal darkness and quiet sanctitude - it was my moment to be 'gathered' from the darkness and enter the light and activity of 'being'!
It was a dynamic and extraordinary experience of bright light, of blind but new
sensations, and an overwhelming pain of urgency to secure the moment
before the opportunity was lost. I was driven by excitement
and a desperate hope that I, alone, would be the one from
the millions, whose chance had come, to experience and
enhance the light instead of sleeping in the darkness!"
"I was determined to succeed"

© Vanessa Summers, Larry Legg, Lightscape Magazine and the unborn child - Obelia 1998: THE DARKNESS
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