"Hi... it's me - Vanessa!

No, it wasn't really my baby
saying all that: it was me!

But I've been thinking a 
lot about the world I'm 
bringing her into it, and 
how each of our lives is
such an extraordinary 
opportunity to secure a
better world for ourselves
and our future children.

Problem is that every 
day I listen to the news 
or look out at what we
are all doing... and I 
wonder if some of us
are doing enough against
the darkness?

In truth, there is only 
you and me to make
a difference. 

Obelia will be born
soon and I think of
this world she will 
come into. We seem
to think it is someone
else's responsibility 
to make it a better
place but it is really up
to each one of us to
do what we can to
improve on what
others have done before

It is incredible any of 
us are here. Let's ensure
we don't waste our chance
at life: we can all make
a better world just
by wanting one and 
doing a small thing today
about achieving it.

There are many Obelia's.
I was like her once, 
and so were you.

Have we changed so 
much already that we
have forgotten our hopes
and our dreams.

I think some of us still
hope for better things...
...and a more loving world.

After all, we only have
each other!"

Vanessa (very pregnant!)

© Vanessa Summers, Larry Legg, Lightscape Magazine and the unborn child - Obelia 1998: THE DARKNESS
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