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Pubic Louse.
Pubic Lice reside in the pubic region. They do not 'roam' - that is, they are unlikely to spread from one person to another other than by direct physical contact. They tend to remain in their feeding position throughout their life-span.

Head Lice
Infestations of the hair. These lice roam freely and are easily transmitted from one person to another through momentary head-to-head contact. Children tend to hug one-another, thereby becoming easy passengers for the lice to travel trough whole groups of youngsters at school. A new breed of Super-Lice exists in epidemic proportions. They are resistant to modern insecticide shampoos!

Body Lice
These should really be called clothes lice as they prefer to live on the fibers of clothes and under garments, coming into contact with the body only during feeding times. Its likely that some people think they have pubic lice when in fact they may have body lice. Doctors are unlikely to differentiate between the two unless they have access to a microscope in the surgery, so beware of accusing partners of phantom infidelity.


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