Page 4 Collecting plankton samples
"Bright and early next morning, we visited several locations to collect sea water samples ready to study later in the evening.  Mol (Maurice) took this photo below. From left to right, you can see: Eric, Anne, Lizzie, Larry, John, and little old me - pulling a funny face and deliberately too close to the camera."
"It's no good just putting a load of water in a jar. You have to use a net - a special one adapted to drive water into a tiny container secured at its bottom.  Take a look at the one Lizzie is using in this shot. A similar net can be used in ponds for obtaining freshwater-life samples"
"Larry took this one much later in the day. You can see me - or maybe just make me out - in the centre dreaming away about the vastness of that ocean. After collecting from this spot, we went back to the hotel to study the samples before dinner. Larry and I were in Jan's car as we drove back. I had a weird experience: the nearer we got to the hotel, the more my heart seemed to fill with dread and fear!  I had no way to explain it to anyone. As we arrived, the feeling went away and I tried to forget about it."
"In the evening, as the light was falling and the day began to slip into night, Mol, Jan, me, and Larry went for a stroll down the beach. As Mol and Jan strolled further and further behind, lost (no doubt) in their hopes and plans for the future, Larry and I investigated the rock pools..." 

"You know, the water looked do deeply blue and tranquil, I must confess I had this mad impulsive thought to strip off and dive into it for a quick swim. Maybe it was the wine we had with dinner, but the thought of doing this became increasingly more powerful as we played around on the beach and rocks."



Larry borrowed Wim's 3d camera and took this on auto-timer...



"The auto-timer fired twice and we got one with the foam going out too!"


"After this shot, Larry spotted something moving up on the rocks and bolted back up the beach to investigate. I stood there alone staring at the foaming sea. It was at this point that my feeling to dive into it became irresistible... I just felt drawn towards it! Mol and Jan were a long way off and had stopped walking, so I decided to undress and go for a brief swim..."
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