Page 8 - Crisis on the beach
"She was still... so still... when I reached her in the water. She was peaceful and majestic - more so against the turmoil in my heart - when I put her gently down upon that bed of sand where but a few moments ago - we had frolicked and joked together.  

I just stood there, screaming and howling with that despair which eats away everything you are, and all that you were ever likely to be. My Vanessa was lost... and with her - my life!" 

"Mol and Jan must have  heard me cry - they rushed to help! I watched as each of them took turns to try and bring her back to life."
"I turned away. I could not bear to see  
my honey, without life and soul... 
...without breath upon her lips!" 
 "It was then I heard it... 
 ...a choking scream - a single word: 'Larry!'"
"I turned to look, body trembling, to see through tear-blind eyes:  my woman... mouth wide and spurting water as she screamed my name aloud!"
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