Page 9 - 3 months later... a surprise!
"As you can see, Vanessa survived without any lasting damage. We took her to the hospital but there was no need:  she had no sign of the Jellyfish sting - which is kind of a mystery! The final days at Renesse were fantastic despite this incident and both me and Van were so very thankful of Mol & Jan's help that day. I kinda think that if they didn't give her the critical 'kiss-of-life' and work on her with their first-aid, she would have been lost to me forever. This picture above was actually taken yesterday, nearly 3 months after our trip to Holland. Do you notice how radiant Van looks..?  
She wants to explain herself... " 
"When I woke up on that beach screaming for Larry, I knew I was going to live. I believe my drowning dream was no dream at all (although Larry thinks I'm crazy for saying this even though he wouldn't hurt me by telling me so). No... the ocean was sort of communicating with me. In some strange way, the life in the sea was thankful for the way we (us - 'people') had preserved their world in the dutch coastal inlets... and I was helped by them to survive in appreciation! More than this... the sea-life sensed something very important about me and gave me a message through pictures. Larry is astounded by the fact that when he came to me on the beach, I kept telling him something over and over again. - something he didn't believe until they checked me out at the hospital and confirmed it. What was it..?  

Simply something fantastic: I'm going to have a baby! 

Right now I'm over 3 months pregnant. Larry loves my fuller figure and he can't wait to be a dad. I'm so happy that finally we are going to celebrate our love together in our coming child. Its going to be a girl... I know because the sea told me so. Don't think me crazy. As Larry says: 'some things just are!' 

I even have a name ready for her: Obelia! Do you like it? And now I'm full of ideas about what to present here in the next few months so if you come back and check our web site in the future, I'll let you know all about how my baby to be and me are getting on. 

Meanwhile, you might like to take a look at the 'LAST' page in this epic. We've put in some special treats in this page like videos and screen-savers so you can enjoy more of our fantastic holiday in Holland." 

                                                                                    love  Vanessa.

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