My name is Wim. I am a friend of Larry  legg and Vanessa Summers. They have been away camping with Mol Smith and should have returned home a week ago. I know they all should have come back by now for it was I who drove them to their destination. I was so concerned that I went to look for them. I found their tent in the woods and their belongings inside... but no sign of them.  I found their video / still camera,  and Mol's lap-top containing unsent emails. I cannot believe what I have found here. It fills me with dread! 

Here then, for all to see, are these things.  The account is structured around the emails received or recovered. The can be accessed by clicking on 'Emails'  below. I am convinced something terrible has happened to my dear friends. I fear they may be dead and I am so terrified  by what I've seen from their records. It may already be too late for me also... I think something... something...  inhuman,..  has come back from those woods with me! 

I must go. Please don't try to contact me. I am going somewhere to hide!

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Material here is copyright Ltd on behalf of Vanessa Summers and Larry Legg 1999
Sound Track: Lost! by Andrew Furtek (c) 1999 -
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