Introduction to Volcano   
(Please read this page first!)  
by Larry Legg and Vanessa Summers   
Christmas 1998 

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This ia just one of many extraordinary events in the life of Larry and Vanessa - two microscopists with heart and courage. Enthusiast microscopy is praticed by many different people - most of whom  are exciting and fun to be with! 

Very few people  would dare to show their loved-one giving birth to a child. It's a personal and intimate thing! Me and Van love each other very much but we both also share a stronger passion for life, its significance, and its often neglected magic and vitality. We are enthusiast microscopists and I guess we are also a little crazy in a nice sort of way.  Obelia Summers was born today. Our baby girl did not come easily into the world and me and Van kinda suspected this would become a critical thing in our lives.   

You might think this special day for us and the human tapestry of flesh, babies, man and woman, fire, and rock all dancing with our thoughts and emotions have no place on a site dedicated to amateur microscopy? Well, that may well be the case for you. For me, for Van, and for old Mol - who allowed us to bring this event to your screens - microscopy is not a thing divorced from life... but an intricate part of it.   

We may study a cell, a tiny organism, a slice of human flesh, but without associating these explorations back into our ordinary lives - we become nothing more than clinical instruments. This Christmas and at the end of another year, each of us has a chance to enter the new one with fresh perceptions about what we do and why we do things. I hope what happened to us, and the way we tell it,  might encourage you to explore all the facets of the world you live in.   

You are alive! See everything with the fullness of  all its associations and you will appreciate the  richness of life. And remember - in a world where our understanding  is filtered  through a scientific    sieve, we merely perceive what passes through the holes... not everything which is there!   

This day of my child's birth, the filter was removed... and I caught a glimpse of the forces raging in the darkness!   


This has been a difficult year for both Larry and I but our love and our experiences have taught us much about how our ordinary lives can be touched by invisible things. I have waited most of the year for our daughter to be born. There has been much thought in my mind about that time in Holland when I nearly died. To this day - those strange events in the sea  still haunt me.   

Today, much of the world celebrates the coming of a special child 2000 years ago. But for me, Larry, and  Obelia... it is a time to show courage and understanding... and to seek your love and support to help us through this time.   

The events here are graphic in their detail. If you have young children, you may consider it better they do not proceed until you have followed through the events and checked suitability of our material. It is not our aim to offend - we only wish to share our lives openly and with refreshing candor.   

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