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by Larry Legg and Vanessa Summers  
Larry pushed me down as the horizon exploded in front of us...
As I fell to the ground, I became lost in a world of pain and confusion. Light and sky exploded around and inside me:  pain without... and pain within - consuming me within an ever-rising sea.  

Somewhere above, I sensed rather than saw - my beloved  Larry, his eyes closed momentary in yoga-trance, preparing to face the unpredicted chaos and threat to our lives.  

I held this final image of his face - resolved and intent to battle gods and demons to save us, as I succumbed to the pain and dissolved into a single muscle - like a snail or a slug,  a thing which writhes:  organic, with purpose but devoid of sense and reason other than to be flesh tube, bent on ejecting a piece of itself into an external world. Caring hands tugged urgently to remove my clothes... and my  last connection with humanity was gone. I was merely flesh given back to a primal world, not human - just molded frame - pulsing and ensnared by a 7 million year song - a symphony to make every cell of my body dance in step and call across the divide between life and death...  

...my Obelia was coming across the gateway!  





Let it rise now - upon the death of beloved kindred souls, upon the memory of pain for lost lives and loved ones this christmas. Let it rise now - a shadow blocking the light of our optimism for a new year... a blaze of hatred against humanity and our time and our sufferance in daring to live. Let it rise now as my Obelia is born, and all my life and soul is there - hung as atomised droplets of understanding, waiting on her first breath in my half-of-me's vagina - and let that breath be moist and sweet, and not a gasp of beguiled & wretched arid air  left by the demon's whispered  promise. 


"Vanessa was there -  bare and vulnerable on the hard rock... and in labour, just when the bloody mountain exploded! It was not meant to be this way... everything was wrong... badly so!" 

"I'm here fighting in the moment... not just the urgency of birth... not just the distant threat of hot larva suddenly in the air again in Sicily... but something else: something old and ancient -  before the word or skill of image... before man's mind! " 

"Upon this tiny moment, on this piece of soil, with my beloved's legs burst wide and my daughter - there... alive... a head, in my place of comfort... in her - there is a ghost : A DEMON.  A THING OF EARTH AND OF HELL... A THING OF HEAVEN AND OF SPACE AND TIME AND ROCK!  

I KNOW THIS THING WELL. It is a thing which cannot be vanquished; it is the residue of life - the IMMORTAL clay without mind... all our demons.. all our deaths... and all our futures! 
I know its face. I smell its sulphur faeces. 
I know its excitement. I sense it's goal... but it is in error:  it comes now... 


My obelia comes... my van is an earth-worm caught in regeneration... and the demon comes now in our weakness - let through by the eruption of Etna... and hoping to slide into reality beneath the cloak of our fear... 

Good! I saw it coming a year ago or more- in shadow and memory of life before. I have the beast again then... here... this time... in public view... so all can see the nature of the thing. 

Then know too, that here today - it will die awhile some more, for I have been this way so many times; and in change and ' strange' was I born to know such things to stand here in chaos and know enemy and friend - and to kill the demon! 

Come Demon - rise... show yourself !  
I have no fear.  'Tis you who should fear me for I have walked  many times in chaos... I have been the island on which lost souls broke their bodies in the waves to find me, I have  been the swimmer - beguiled by false pleasure and the mirage of dry land in a stormy night...  

... and I have come to know the way of these things and I tell you now - I fear not death. For me - 'tis life enslaved and in chains I fear most. 

This day, you come again into my life.  Do you think I did not see you coming? Do you think from my softness and the way I was beguiled by you as a child that I would not seek you out when I was ready to face you. 

I bet you think you rise here now this special day of your own free will and think to surprise me..? Think again... 
the trap is not yours - but mine! 

I have stalked you here this day through not one life- but many... 

 ... and now our misery ends for awhile:  this time, I will kill you cold dead for sure - some 34 years since we first met in this life! 

It comes like a worm from the earth... as I hear my Vanessa scream and see my Obelia's head thrust out of her body and into our world... 
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