by Larry Legg and Vanessa Summers  
Christmas 1998  



I reached the water's edge... and carried on walking - my daughter and I out into the beckoning sea.
They were there, as I knew they would be... waiting as ambassadors of the sea... waiting to become the new parents of Obelia. They leapt with joy at the sight of her... and yet I felt their compassion and understanding for my own pain and anguish...

I kissed Obelia but once - the tender, lingering, kiss of a parent who will never see his child again.
I held her close against my body - the past and the future of mankind cast in blood, bone, and soul, together for a single moment before moving forwards in time - PARTED FOREVER!

She was already gasping for oxygen - her inhuman gills quivering in her neck, searching desperately for  life-carrying water, as I DROPPED her into the ocean.

Back from the shore, there was a painful scream: Vanessa had woken and seen me casting Obelia to the deep ocean!

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