The Enthusiast Microscopy Community spans the world. Here are a few pointers to friends sites, associates, affiliates, us as people, and contact points.
Especially important to us is the list of people contributing articles, images, and help. We are all indebted to them.

Updated Feb. 2015

Web Sites of friends and associates

The web is full of links to other microscopy sites, so we have just included friends and associates links here and a couple of big sites we like.


France Christian Gautier
Germany 1 Martin Mach
Germany 2 Klaus Henkel
Holland 1 Wim van Egmond
Holland 5 Desmids
UK 1 Mol Smith
UK 2 Bill Ells
UK 4 Quekett
UK 5 Mike Samworth
UK 6 Ian Walker (Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR photography)
UK 7 Little Imp publications (Savona Books))
USA 0 FSU (molecular expressions)
USA 1 Claudia
USA 2 (Cells Alive)
USA 4 (Dennis Kunkel)
USA 5 (Bio)
USA 7 George Vitt (includes vintage microscopes)
USA 8 Ted Clarke (hosted on G.Couger's web site)

Microscopy Club Web Sites

German Microscopy
Hull Society - UK
Kernow Society - UK
Manchester Society -UK
Microscopical Society of S.California
New York Society - USA
NvvM - The Netherlands
Quekett - UK
Reading Society - UK

Microscopy forums:
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Yahoo 'Microscope' group
Yahoo 'Microscopes' group
(Extensive German microscopy forum; some English categories.)

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