Microscopy-UK contributor's
'Showcase' for Mike Samworth, UK

Compiled May 2000

A brief biography.

Mike Samworth was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK and currently lives in South Staffordshire, UK. He has a degree in Applied Biology and his occupation is a biology teacher. Mike has many varied microscopical interests, which include pond life but especially diatoms, other algae and aquatic insects.

Mike is currently secretary of the Postal Microscopical Society (PMS), UK. Mike Samworth would welcome comments on his articles, especially if you share his interests.

Visit Mike's home pages here and the web site of the PMS here.

All images below are by and © Mike Samworth.


A stunning image of the diatom Didymosphenia germinata,
taken with Nomarski DIC on Fuji Velvia film.


Pond and marine life: protozoa and algae are a particular interest.

Part of a diatom slide prepared
by Klaus Kemp, UK.


'Samworth's snippets' - a series covering practical tips, historical aspects,
subjects to study and other aspects of amateur microscopy.

Image of scutiforn scales from the sea buckthorn between crossed polars.


Microscopes, books and UK club meetings.


Part of Mike Samworth's 'den'


Editor's notes: As the above wealth of material illustrates, Mike has generously shared his expertise and enthusiasm with others in Micscape Magazine and we sincerely thank him for his support of the venture.

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