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Hopefully, you should be someone interested in finding out a bit more real stuff about the real world... I don't mean the 'real-world' like some films and books say it: I mean the **real** world - like all the things which are and have been going on outside of our human pre-occupation with ourselves!  

In short, yer gonna (you are going)  to learn real microscopy here without all the pretentious bits  that some people dish up just to make sure they look clever and informed and you look ignorant. Being clever is not about IQ - it's about applying what you learn or what you know. If yer want to learn about microscopy and all it offers - yer came to the right place! You have to know though right away that you aren't getting membership of the Royal Larry Legg Club nor the Darwin Microscopical Club. What you are likely to get is good information - honesty - and a lot of tips from little old me and a few of my friends who have been doing microscopy for most of their lives.   

Who am I? Me? I'm un-educated, curious, and smarter than my urban accent might cause you to believe. I don't take kindly to experts cos many (not all) stop looking. Why should they look -  they know already: that's why they're experts. Me..? I just keep looking and wondering! I  

My Projects   
I aim to take yer right thru from basics up to heavy stuff. I have me (my) own way of doing things and I write as I speak so yer'll (you will) have to put up with that. Hang in there though - yer'll soon get to see a lot more rapidly then from any other place on the web. If yer think I get anything wrong - make sure and tell me about it - I won't bite yer head off. If you are one of them accomplished microscopists already - then still pop-in and help me out here. You aint got to marry me or anything - just make sure I don't get something wrong :))  

Yup... yer gonna (going) to need some. You can't do microscopy with a beer glass: you need a microscope. It ain't gotta  be (doesn't have to be) a scope with a go-faster stripe down its side and it doesn't have to have wings on  it with stars-wars phantom menaces waving light-swords at the stuff on the slides  : but it does need to be kept fairly clean and it must have glass lenses if yer want to see anything.  

Everything you need to do one of these projects will be available at a reasonable price through the Mic-UK on-line shop. Old Mol, my mate behind some of the scenes at Mic-UK,  has promised me he would keep prices down on all items used for these projects and he has even offered some prizes for best efforts of me readers and visitors. All resources will be available via the on-line shop under the heading : Larry's stuff! Go here first to buy something you need for me projects coz (because) Mol's promised me some favours... although I reckon next thing he'll (he will) be asking me is if he can date my young girlfriend  in return for me asking for price reductions for you folks looking at me pages!  

One thing yer gotta have (you have got to have) with microscopy is a sense of humour. I have it... you'd (you had) better learn to have it quickly. It's the best way of developing and training yer mind to get  the right perspective for transforming 2d images into their real-life structures:  I kid you not!  

I'll try and do a project a month. I might fail. Like you - I got a hard life too and I aint getting paid (apart from a beer or two from Mol) for doing this. I do it for love but if life is just too hard one month, I'll have to skip it and do more next month. Are you okay with this? No..? Well... send me an email and I'll let yer take over my slot here: got the time? Right... yer don't want it do yer... so leave it to me then and I'll try and find the time!

That's it : start here!

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