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Description Project
Introductions & basic slide-making Slide-making with sugar - first appearance
A simple microscope Project 1.0 - Getting ready (preparation)
Illumination: dark-field, polar etc. Project 2.0 - Using fancy lighting the cheap way
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 1 Project 3.1 - Introduction
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 2 Project 3.2 - Improving the Bench Microtome
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 3 Project 3.3 - Hand-Sectioning - Getting an edge
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 4 Project 3.4 - Hand-Sectioning - Cutting sections
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 5 Project 3.5 - Hand-Sectioning - Mounting
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 6 Project 3.6 - Hand-Sectioning - Staining
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 7 Project 3.7 - Hand-Sectioning - Final mounting
Hand-sectioning / Wax embedding Part 8 Project 3.8 - Hand-Sectioning - Wax Block making.
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