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Animations and Images:-

Source Videos: Mol Smith & Larry Legg
Editing / Special  Effects: Mol Smith

Mol SmithWim van Egmond, Larry Legg, and Vanessa Summers

Page Design: Larry Legg and Ltd

Dustmite Video: Ltd.
Lice Video: Mol Smith
3D Mite: Marly Cain and Mol Smith

Location Filming: Filmed in London - Putney, Soho,  Southwark &  West End.

Dance Sequence:  Vanessa Summers, and Abraxas Dance Group.

Vivo Conversions: Ltd


Falling: (Sound track to Falling video)
Larry Legg  - using Ejay mixes

Come: Sound track to Sance Video
Vanessa Summers - using Ejay mixes

All other songs from 'The Midi Files CD'
A shareware / Freeware compilation from
217-219 Hamstel Rd
Southend on-Sea
Tel:   +44 (0) 1702 306060
Fax:  +44 (0) 1702 300115


Insects, Ticks, Mites & Venomous Animals
of Medical & Veterinary importance.
by Patton and Evans. Circa. 1930

The Home Family Physician. by Virue and Company Ltd. 1950. Revised 1977. Published by Edito-Services S.A., Geneva

The content of this adventure is available as a CDROM for both the MAC and the PC. It contains enhanced video of existing content along with additional high quality video and imagers of Dustmites, Boby Lice, and Hair Lice.

An alternate cdrom and Lice Wars eradication programme and kit designed to help people get rid of hair lice is also available.

Both CDs will be available shortly from the on-line shop via http// 

We would like to thank Ltd, England. for their professional help, advice and support - espicially for sponsoring us and enabling us to recreate our lives and our adventures here on the web. It is rare today to find a real company prepared to help the little guy. 

We would also like to thank our friend - Marlena Cain - for her courage in publishing our material in the ground-breaking ezine (electronic magazine) called Lightscape.

A big thanks and a hug from both of us to everyone who writes in and shares some time with us. Keep writing - we both love your kindness and support!

Larry Legg & Vanessa Summers 
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