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  Here I found two tiny flowers and 'blew' them up as big as normal flowers. It is difficult to believe these flowers together are smaller than the smallest postage stamp - real size - yet they retain all the processes and mechanisms of their full-size cousins. 

In just one hour, by carefully walking  and keeping a sharp eye out for the tiniest dot of colour in the grass, I found so many Micro-flowers. I was able to select a few and put a bunch together to demonstrate their variety and form. 

I cheated here a bit by putting a photograph of a landscape scene behind the flowers. I used a Euromex Digital Camera  to take these shots but, if you have a 10x, 8x, or a more expensive 20x magnifier, you should be able to get a close enough look to see all the detail in micro-flowers. 

One of the smallest Micro-plants I picked had only a single flower - like a rare jewel! I was amazed to see it, too, was a violet coloured one. It is an oddity that in the one hour I spent looking - most of the Micro-plants I picked were predominantly coloured purple, white, and yellow. Almost as if these colours favoured ultra-small blooms. I am no good at chemistry but maybe there is something about such processes which favour the colour of very small flowers towards these choices. Does anyone out there know? 

Well, a few of us at Mic-UK have become very interested in micro-blooms. We thought it would be an ideal subject to interest a lot of folk who may not normally practise microscopy so we've decided to open a brand new permanent section to explore this area. You can help in this venture. If you have images of micro-flowers and would like to send them in to us, we will add them to our micro-flower gallery. Maybe you can help us to identify and name them. It would be fantastic to create an area here which presents micro-flowers from around the globe along with any interesting points about each plant. 

So, next time you are out for a walk, no matter where you are on our  planet, why not keep an eye out for these tiny wonders or better still - record them for us to share here with others. 

Don't forget to  let us know what you find! 


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