December 2015 articles written by students for
the 'Principles and Applications of Photomacrography' course
offered in the
Biomedical Photographic Communications (BPC) program 2015
at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), NY State, USA.

Micscape Acknowledgements: Many thanks to all the students over the years for sharing their enthusiasm and skills on such a wonderful variety of topics. Writing an article for Micscape initially formed part of their course as an assignment, which was a neat idea originally proposed by Ted Kinsman the course instructor in 2004 and repeated in most following years. Thanks to Ted for all the work behind the scenes to make this happen. Also thanks to Michael Peres, the dept. head (and course instructor 2009) for his introduction and for maintaining the department's generous collaboration over the years. 

BPC Program Overview by Professor Michael Peres, department head. Visit Professor Peres' website

Course tutor 2015 Ted Kinsman

All articles are in Acrobat pdf format and open in a new browser window.

Some of the master pdf articles are very large which can be unstable reading from within a browser. It is best if have a good connection to save file to disc by right clicking the link with the mouse to read off-line.

For files over 10 Mb a 72 ppi screen version is offered.

If you an enjoy an article, email feedback to an author via address in each article would be very welcome.

The Diverse Ciliate Community by Jason Dinelli (3.1 Mb)


Colors of Fall by Adrianna Gleaton (11.5 Mb). Screen version.

The Art of Printing Shakespeare's Plays by Charlotte Guthery (15.2 Mb) Screen version.


Anatomy of the Pig by Tori Lev (60 Mb) Screen version.

Birds of a Feather by Jana Maravi (4 Mb)


The Sand Box by Kirsten Martin (2.9 Mb)

Jefferson Complex Salamanders by Alexandra Shipman (2.1 Mb)


Various Shapes of Betta's Fin Tail by Megan Woodrow (33 Mb) Screen version

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