Articles written by students on the 'Principles and Applications of Photomacrography' course
November 2007,
Biomedical Photographic Communications (BPC) program
at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
, NY State, USA.

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Micscape Acknowledgements: Many thanks to the students for sharing their enthusiasm and skills on such a wonderful variety of topics. Writing an article for Micscape formed part of their course assignment, which was a neat idea originally proposed by Ted Kinsman the course instructor 2004 / 2006 and continued in 2007! Many thanks to Michael Peres, the dept. head and current instructor in 2007 for his introduction and for the department's generous collaboration.

Introduction and students' articles:

Introduction to the Biomedical Photographic Communications program
at the Rochester Institute of Technology
by Professor Michael Peres, dept. head.

Visit Professor Peres' website

The Venus Fly Trap by Sara Gallagher.

Photographing Paint on Canvas by Chelsea McCulley.

Hairs of the Tarantula by Stephen Gunnells.

Structures of the Human Skull by Jessica Peterson.

The Portuguese Man-O-War by Hillary Guzik.

The Anatomy of the Gerbera Daisy by Brittany Richardson.

Structures in the Wing of the Dragonfly by Jennifer Hill.

How to photograph a live Bubble Eye Goldfish Carassius auratus by Emily Watson.

Anatomy of a Flower by Elisa Hubbard.

Scales of the Ball Python Snake by Samantha Wenitsky.

See some other photographs by students in the Photomacrography class


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