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Mosquito 4x 10% zoom DIY-DIC blue center resolution 10 MP
Since I have other filters with other color centers I tried them and I prepared some more with
different colors - gray, black, green, yellow, aquamarine, purple,
pink, dark pink and one that we call here in Mexico a fiusha color.
Here are my filters:

The materials that I used to make my filters were black cardboard, green, blue, red, yellow
cellophane, a black balloon, some color plastic covers for books, since I am a doctor and I have to
give shots of some medications to people that go to my office I started keeping I found that the
plastic covers of some bottles of medication were of different colors, for example aquamarine,
gray, dark pink, so once I open the medication to be applied I keep the cover of the bottle, and
that is one of my source of color centers .
Here are some examples of the covers and the bottles where they come from:
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