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For making the filters I cut 2 circles of 3 cm that fit perfectly on my microscope filter tray for every
one and made a small hole of 0.5 cm in the center. I cut the filters from small cellophane
strips and wrapped them to make a small square that covered the hole , after that I glued together
the two circles then drew a half moon that surrounded the hole already covered with the color filter
and cut the shape of the half moon to make a hole on the circle with that shape.
For the filters made with covers of the medications and the one with the balloon I also cut small
squares of these ones and did the same process mention above, I removed the circle of aluminum
Left behind in the plastic cover, which is shown in the picture.
Here are my samples:

                                     mosquito 4x 20% zoom bright field no filter.
I set the filter on the filter tray of my microscope and I lift the condenser to the maximum
Here you have the results:
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