Nikon Coolpix 4500 Digital Camera
Photomicrography and Macrophotography Image Gallery.

 By Ian Walker, UK

Although there are several very good review sites on the web for digital cameras they don't tend to cater image wise for the microscopist so it is hard to judge the results when considering a purchase. Since I have recently bought the Nikon Coolpix 4500 I thought it may be of interest to show some of my pictures to people who may be considering it for use with the microscope or for natural history close-up work.

The following macro images where all hand held with the main settings as below:

Please click on images for a larger view!

Peacock butterfly in morning sunlight.


Early morning dew on dandelion head.
Water droplets hanging on a spider's web.


Feather and bubbles.

All the following microscope images were hand held with the Nikon 4500 held up to the 7x Russian eyepiece of my Lomo Bimam R13 microscope - not ideal. [The eyepiece just fits within the 28 mm barrel without touching the multicoated protection cover of the Nikon]. The results therefore from a proper adapter should be very good!

Please click on all microscope images for a larger view!

Shells and diatoms, the following images where again taken with the Nikon held up to my 7x eyepiece but now using:

And finally...........

This image shows what appears to Newton's rings, which occurred under some conditions. These were minimised by reducing the light intensity and increasing exposure.

All comments to the author Ian Walker are welcomed.

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There are a number of excellent review sites of digital cameras. Two of the most extensive are DPreview and Imaging Resource.

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