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Issue  15 - January 1997

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Index to Micscape Issue 15 - January 1997

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Regulars: News, Hotsites, Factfile are not available for a specific month as they were continually updated.

Notes for the novice Guidelines on buying a microscope

Marly's Micronauts were transferred to the author's own web site http://www.rmcain.com

Image of the month Mechanical watch - jewel and balance wheel.


Obituary: Frank St D Rowntree OBE 1928 - 1996

Microscopy around the home Quartz watch, electronic components, CCD chip, LCD screen.

Diatoms in the dunny Microscopic life in the lavatory cistern!

Samworth's Snippets Identify a microphotograph.

Interesting fauna from a garden pond

Refractive Index A note for the beginner.


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