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Rotifers, unusual ones, studying them, videos of them: it's are all here!
Diatoms in the dunny Microscopic life in the lavatory cistern!
Mini-beasts and microscopic plants in a garden pond
A letter from 'The Times' newspaper 1895 - they don't publish letters on microscopical life anymore!
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Rotifers and how to find them
Images of pond-life from video
Microscopic feeders. Or why you should preserve your pond sample quickly!
Life in a drop of water. Just how much is there in a single drop.
Birth of a rotifer'captured' on video stills.
Jaws! A Micscape Wonder Article the beautiful and awesome features of a rotifer captured on video.
The rotifer jaw - a look at the jaws of the rotifer Brachionus
Image of the month. The rotifer Brachionus rubens 
The smallest page on the web - overview of microscopic aquatic life
Microbe movie stars



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