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Tiny World channel by Rubén Duro Pérez presents a striking selection of professional videos (15 at the time of writing) showing aspects of the macro and microscopic world around us. Thank you to Rubén for letting us know. Web site is here.

The Virtual Microscope
A free resource where you can examine geological specimens under a virtual microscope.
Web site.

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Micscape Magazine publishes microscopy related content every month on the 13th.

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Popular Mic-UK topics for students

Insect Painting and Sketching Courses – 2016. with Cath Hodsman.

If you would like to find out more about my art work or projects, please visit my website or email me on:

Thanks very much
Cheers, Cath

Microscopy Major
Club web sites

The Quekett Microscopy Web site
Perhaps the longest running organisation in the world supporting use of a Microscope by non-scientists as well as professional users. Join them and belong to the world of microscopists with merit.

The Postal Microscopy Society
A brilliant UK society, long established, informal, and a group who send out boxes of slides that rotate amongst its members. Join and add comments regarding your observations.

Other clubs inc. outside of the UK
There are other clubs in the UK as well as other countries. Check them out.



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Here is this month's edition of Micscape Magazine...

Articles from our monthly ezine
Micscape, contributed to by International Enthusiast Microscopists and compiled by editor David Walker.


by Mol Smith UK


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The Art of the Pencil.
by David G. Seamer, Australia

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by Alejandro Ariel García Arriaga
Coacalco de Berriozábal estado de México México


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An african land snail - a macro study
by Mol Smith UK

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More on the art of the pencil.
by David G. Seamer, Australia


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 Some Brief Suggestions For
Winter and Backyard Microscopy
by Richard L. Howey, Wyoming, USA


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First time buyer?
Here are a few pages to help you decide what to buy when considering a microscope for the first time. The first article explains where microscopes are now made and how they are sold in the west.

Before buying a microscope for the first time, click on the three links below.

Low cost quality microscopes
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Klaus Kemp's CD-Rom Database of Diatoms

Want it? Find out more here.

Thinking of buying a microscope for christmas?

Best to read this small book first.

Micscape Magazine and founder of this site wrote a book to help young first time users.

Pippa's Progress. The book above might help and the free suite of videos of Pippa showing how to use a microscope and study things available here at Mic-UK.

Microscopy As A Hobby In The 21st Century. A lot of books out there on starting out with microscopy as a hobby are now quite old, and in this brave new era, fail to address advantages offered by our new technologies. Our book, aimed at the person first starting out with a microscope (of any age) introduces modern techniques and methods whilst retaining the best from the past. Repeatedly a Number 1 best seller on Amazon, per cheaper through Brunel Microscope books in the UK.


Little Imp CDs free online courtesy of Steve Gill - 
The contents of 66 CDs formerly sold by Savona Books and meticulously compiled by Steve Gill are now free online and hosted here on Microscopy-UK. A wide selection of public domain books and microscope makers' catalogues are offered, many of which are hard to source elsewhere. Many thanks for Steve's generosity.


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