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Vanessa was the only one of us who actually ended up with the disease. She is much better now as you can see from the photo on the left, taken 4 weeks ago whilst she was convalescing. We had some 3d slides made of the lice we found on her. You can see my Vanessa has refound some of her spirit and curiosity again as she is interested in looking at the slides. 

The doc's put her on Prozac to help her fight her depression, and so far - Mol and me have managed to keep her off the booze. 

The medical people were stunned to discover that a case of Typhus had occurred in a major city - like London. A lot of homeless people in and around the Southbank were visited by a medical team... but no other cases were found.  

It is thought the disease may have been brought in by some poor soul who was a refugee from Kosovo. People there - or in any nation at war with themselves - have had to struggle to survive... and don't lice and disease love it when us humans are disorganised and on our knees. 

Van is thinking of carving out a new future for herself. I think maybe this last year and all we've been thru may have hurt our relationship beyond repair. I don't think she can forgive me for what I did with our new born baby last Christmas.   

Sure, she understands.... but that isn't the same as 'not blaming' When a woman loses her child - her life is never the same again. 

Me? I still love her like crazy. Sure, the last few months watching her destroy herself on booze and madness has tainted my view of her slightly - but then she was ill, wasn't she. 

I'm not the type of guy to stand in the way of what ever she wants. I intend to help her find what-ever will make her happy, even if it ends up to be another man 

At some point when she was ill, Van kept telling me that she needed to express herself more...  and that - in a sense - i was trapping her into my things and direction in life. 

I haven't spoken with her about this since, but who knows - maybe she needs to explore and develop her own things.

Anyway, when she got out of hospital, me and Mol arranged for a great day out which ended with a picnic in the country. Here's a few snapshots from our great day together so you don't get left on a low note. 
A picnic in the country
A boat trip down the Thames from near our home in Putney. Mol took this one and paid for the ride.
Returning home after a great day out.
Vanessa was fascinated with the discovery of those dustmites in our bed. She says they remind her of tiny little tortoises. Although I had to throw out the sheets and all - due to the lice, she refuses to let me change out the mattress which is teeming with dustmites. Although I love her, Van is really a weird kinda girl. When we lay in bed at night - a few times now - she has told me secretly that she gets a kick out of knowing that while we lie there, all these tiny creatures are moving around under us consuming all the flakes of skin dropping from our bodies. She says it's fantastic to know everything gets recycled !? 

Anyway, she insisted I put up this 3D photo of a dustmite we found in our bed. You need your red/blue 3d glasses to get the best from it. 

Just one or two more things before we end our lice-wars tale. If you are having problems with lice or want to know about how to get rid of 'em, take a look at our 'solutions' page. 

Finally, Van says she wants to do the last page here. She says it's important that if anyone else out there is suffering from mental problems, alcohol abuse, or is in despair through some other reason - that she wants to make sure they don't fall down the path she went down. 

I quite liked the song I picked for this page. It sums up how I feel about Vanessa even after all these problems. 

Anyway, enough from me - I'll hand you over to Vanessa! 

Larry Legg - June 1999
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